North End

Change of height at the North End 1 Change of height at the North End 2
Pictures 1 and 2

The level platform shown here, located along the northern edge of the area, is the shortest platform used on the tour to demonstrate the change of height. This puts the two people in the demonstration very close to one another. This demonstration is also at one of the most pronounced areas within the vortex for this phenomena, making the change of height easier to see.

Plate 2a
Picture 3
Plate 2b
Picture 4

Pictures 3 and 4 were created by combining Pictures 1 and 2, allowing us to compare the two people with themselves. This demonstrates that it is not necessary to have two people for the change of height to take place. The second person is simply used as a reference to make the change apparent. The left side of each picture was then copied and pasted off the edge of the right side allowing a back to back comparison.