Scientific Information

The Oregon Vortex is a spherical field of force, half above the ground and half below the ground. The word "vortex" simply means a whirpool of force, like a whirling mass of water. Especially one in which a force of suction operates such as a whirlpool or a whirling mass of air or one in the form of a visible column or spiral such as a tornado.

A vortex, essentially a whirlpool of force, is the basic form of our universe. From our galaxy, whose vortex form we see as the countless suns of the Milky Way, throughout the gravitational vortex of our solar system, down to the vortex of an atom, the vortex form recurs throughout our world structure. The Phenomena that gives The Oregon Vortex its name are evident throughout the entire area. Nowhere in the circle do you normally stand erect. Inevitably the visitor assumes a posture that inclines toward magnetic north. The corona of The Vortex, as well as the minor vortices, discovered during the continuous study of The Vortex, are among the unique phenomena to be observed here.

As another person, on a level platform, recedes from you towards magnetic south, they appear taller. When they approach you, coming towards magnetic north, they become shorter. This is contrary to the laws of perspective, as we know it, and must be seen to be believed. See Photographs - Back Yard.

The scientific analysis of the disturbance constitutes an education in subjects of interest to all. The accumulated Notes and Data, written by John Litster, contains 35 pictures, diagrams, and illustrations along with other information relating specifically to The Oregon Vortex is available to all visitors.

We have gotten so many requests about our Copper Pipe and Magnet demonstration (also known as an Eddy Current Tube) that we decided to start making them. We currently have one style available. This set comes with a 10" long, 1/2" diameter copper pipe. The pipe is 99.99% pure copper to achieve the strongest effect. It comes with two very strong Grade N42 neodymium magnets. One is a 1/4" cube and the other is a 5/16" cylinder. When dropped down the copper pipe the magnets fall very slowly demonstrating eddy currents. A good name for researching this electromagnetic principle on the internet is 'Lenz's Law'.

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